How Green is Your Municipality?

City Clerk Mary Haynes has requested that we develop a presentation for the International Clerks on: 

How Green is Your Municipality?

Seminar for the:

International Institute of Municipal Clerks Conference

Thursday May 21, 2008 10:00 am to 12:00 Noon

Palmer House Hotel Chicago, IL

Moderator Mary Haynes, Clerk, City of Peoria, Illinois


Presentors - in Order of Presentation

Charles Eckenstahler CEDc - Farm land & open space preservation, Green Checklist

Allen Morris Vice President, Teng Development - LEED, Public Buildings, building retrofits

Chris Setti, 6 Sigma Black Belt and Special Projects manager for the City of Peoria "Green Process", Peoria Urban Living Iniative

Craig Hullinger AICP - Green Land Planning, Sustainable Development, Economic Development


 Biographies of Presentors

Chuck Eckenstahler is a Senior Consultant with McKenna Associates a,Northville Michigna based municipal planning consulting firm serving clients in Micihgan, Ohio and Indiana. He is a 35 year veteran real estate and municipal planning consultant who teaches economic development subjects in the Graduate School of Business at Purdue Northwest, Westville, Indiana and serves on the faculty of the Lowell Stahl Center for Commercial Real Estate Studies at Lewis University, Oakbrook Illinois. He holds two Masters' Degrees, one from Governors State University and the other from the University of Notre Dame. He is an active writer, having more than 100 articles published on various economic development, land use planning and real estate development topics. He can be contacted at or by phone at 219-861-2077.

Allen Morris Vice President, Teng Development.  He has extensive experience in the planning and construction of major public buildings, and has participated inthe development of numerous with LEED and "green technology buildings. He has also worked on project planning and development. 

Chris Settis the Special Projects Manager for the City of Peoria.  He is a 6 Sigma Black Belt and formerly the City's Senior Economic Development Specialist.  In his current role at the City, Chris spearheads the City's energy efficiency efforts, including coordinating the Energy Efficiency and Conservation Block Grant.  Chris has also helped lead the Peoria Urban Living Initiative, an effort to increase home ownership in older neighborhoods in Peoria.  Chris has a Bachelor' degree in Political Science and a Master's degree in Public Administration.

Craig Harlan Hullinger AICP, is the Economic Development Director for the City of Peoria, Illinois. He has developed numerous successful “Green” developments, and is currently guiding Peoria’s efforts to create new urban mixed use development in the downtown area along the Riverfront. Craig has a BA Degree in Public Administration and a Master's Degree in Environmental Planning. He can be contacted at 309 494- 8639 or More information can be found at


Presentation Summaries 

Green Land Planning, Sustainable Development

 Craig Hullinger Presentation

There has been an ongoing evolution in land planning to safeguard and improve the environment.  Over the past 40 years cities and counties have become much more sophisticated in requiring storm water retention, wetland conservation, open space, and pedestrian walkways and bikeways.

Planners have also become more sophisticated in trying to reduce traffic congestion, and improve connectivity among residential, commercial, industrial, and insitutional land uses. Minimizing the use of energy and the increased use of "clean" energy is also a trend. Hullinger will present these developments.


Charles Eckenstahler Presentation
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Craig Hullinger Presentation