Sustainability and Green Technology

Commission on Sustainability 

and Green Technology

Development Standards Sub-Group

First draft


The Development Standards Sub-Group of the Peoria Commission on Sustainability and Green Technology has developed the following listing of desirable green technology improvements. Developers and governments are encouraged to implement


·         Promote more efficient buildings

·         Use passive solar orientation of buildings

·         Encourage solar and wind energy systems

·         Use recycled material in buildings

·         Recycle building material waste


·         Encourage rain harvesting & irrigation

·         Support the use of natural landscaping

·         Employ green roofs

·         Improve City and County staff knowledge of “green” techniques

·         Support quality construction for long lived buildings


·         Encourage mixed use development

·         Support walk to work programs

·         Encourage development that supports transit

·         Support efforts to redevelop older communities

·         Permit Live / Work Space development


·         Support natural open space and parks

·         Design wetlands, drainage systems, retention and bio swales into parks

·         Use open surface natural drainage where feasible

·         Require street trees

·         Encourage the use of geothermal energy


·         Revisit development requirements, minimizing pavement widths and cost

·         Update City / County codes to permit and encourage “green” development

·         Support the development of the local production of “green” technology equipment

      ·        Incorporate bikeways and pedestrian paths into new 

and older developments