Social Marketing 101 for Economic Development

Social Marketing 101

Social Marketing is a simple and low cost way to market economic development for a community, or to market any product or service.

There are many ways to use social marketing. Here is how I do it.

First create a blog.  You can use any blogging service. I use blogger, which is part of google, and free:

Then write a few entries to get the hang of it. Post anything that you want the world to know about.  The informational blogs that I use are:

After I write the blog entry I post a short note on my  Linkedin, Facebook, Twitter, and Ning APA pages, telling about the blog entry with a short sentence and a link to the blog.

So you should create a page on each one of these services. They are all pretty easy - I can do it and I am older then dirt (62).  Even a caveman can do it.

My Examples

All of this is free and does not take very much time.

Where to sign up for your own pages: