Nice Design Blog

This is a very nice design blog. And interesting that the two women have never met in person. Our world is evolving rapidly.

A Canadian and an Australian Trying to Inspire the World One Room at a Time...

Kim and Jo have never met but there is a bond between them that is so strong that it can cross half the world and back again. You see Kim and Jo are interior design junkies. They go weak at the knees when they find that perfect room and they just have to share. It all started towards the end of 2006. They met on Flickr, shared images they had bookmarked and well that was that. Desire to Inspire was born.
Jo and Kim
Kim is a supervisor of a web development team from Ottawa, Canada. She may spend her days on a computer at work but in her own time she hunts the internet for that perfect room.  She should have been an interior designer. Jo, from Brisbane, Australia, trained as an interior designer but no longer practises and in her spare time also hunts the web for the perfect room. Their day jobs may be for the government (hey they have to pay the bills!) but their hearts belong to design. Desire to Inspire is their release, a showcase for their passion for all things beautiful around the home.
Whether highlighting interior designers and decorators, architects, stylists, photographers or their own readers' homes, Desire to Inspire aims to do just that ... inspire. Sit back, pour a cup of tea and enjoy!