Urban Theater - World Series

Dan and Dave Dorgan and Craig Hullinger at the World Series

Went to the 6th World Series game last night in St Louis. The 47,000 plus crowd was rocking. Incredible game.  St Louis was down by two runs in the ninth and tied it. Ditto the 10th inning. They were down to their last strike both times when they tied it. St Louis won it with a single home run in the 11th inning. 

Fun time, and I am not a big baseball fan - a friend of mine Dave Dorgan called me at the last minute and took me to the game.  We are both White Sox fans and his son Dan is a Cubs fan. The final game tonight should also be great.

Great urban theater when 47,000 happy people get together. They were singing, dancing, shouting, and having a great time. St Louis is a great city and getting better each year.