City Planner Leonardo DaVinci

We visited the Leonardo DaVinci exhibit in France yesterday in the home where he lived the last three years of his life.

City Planner Leonardo DaVinci

"Perhaps no idea speaks to the epic ambition and scope of Leonardo da Vinci’s inventions better than his ideal city.""

"Da Vinci’s ideal city idea came about after the plague had ravaged Milan, killing off nearly a third of the city’s population. Leonardo wanted to design a city that would be more united, with greater communications, services and sanitation to prevent the future spread of such diseases."

His ideal city integrated a series of connected canals, which would be used for commercial purposes and as a sewage system." 

"The roads were designed to be very broad, most likely in response to Milan’s narrow streets where people were jammed together, probably contributing to the spread of the plague."

"Being an artist and architect, da Vinci’s city also would be a vision to behold, with elegant buildings featuring large arches and pillars. Da Vinci said of his style of urban planning: "Only let that which is good looking be seen on the surface of the city.""

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