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BannerIn this Issue: Trends in Planning and their Effect on the Built Environment • Transit-Oriented Development in Cleveland's Urban Core • Density vs. Livability in the World's Biggest Cities • Talking Design • Economic Development and Workforce Development Alignment Strategies: Working as a Community
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The Built Environment in 2013

Photo via UrbanGrammar
Our policies and preferences throughout the planning world certainly make their mark in terms of quality of life, but also shape our communities in very real, physical ways. This post on Urban Times explores some of the ways that recent planning trends have started to translate into urban design.

Transit-Oriented Development in Cleveland's Urban Core

Photo via Institute for the Institute for Transportation and Development Policy (ITDP)
Transportation has always been an important element in the design and feel of our communities. We see many cities shifting from auto-dominated design to communities that promote alternative forms of transportation and lifestyle-- and Cleveland has demonstrated its commitment to using Transit Oriented Development as one vehicle for revitalization and economic development, as this post on our blog explores.

Density vs. Livability in the World's Biggest Cities

Photo via The Atlantic Cities
The role of high-rise buildings in the future of our built environment is an interesting one to explore, as this article in the Atlantic Cities did. Richard Florida investigates the question of whether high-rises are a great way to meet density needs (spurring human interaction), or if they are isolating environments that block the view. With constant emphasis on mixed-use neighborhoods, it seems that we have a need for balancing the demands of density with the pursuit of greener, cleaner neighborhoods that encourage interaction.

Talking Design

Here are a few of the articles we've been reading this week on the topic of art and design. We hope you enjoy!

Economic Development and Workforce Development Alignment Strategies: Working as a Community

March 1, 2013, 2:30pm ET
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Description: This webinar will highlight how economic development and workforce development efforts are not only complimentary, but must be linked in order for communities and their economies to grow. The Council for Adult and Experiential Learning (CAEL) will provide examples of work conducted with their economic analysis partner, Avalanche Consulting, across the country to assess regional skills development assets and align learning opportunities with growing and high-potential industry sectors. While each community’s economy and economic development aspirations are unique, CAEL will share how communities can make the most of their schools, training programs and partnerships to increase job opportunities for its citizens while addressing businesses workforce needs. The session will showcase the JAXUSA Partnership -  Jacksonville and Northeast Florida's regional economic development initiative. JAXUSA is a private, nonprofit division of the JAX Chamber. Webinar Speakers:  JAXUSA Partnership, Avalanche Consulting

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