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Burma Shave signs were a fixture of rural highways before 1963. They provided something to read during long drives before air conditioning and the Interstate. The messages were cute short rhymes.

Burma-Shave was introduced in 1925 by the Burma-Vita company. Demand was sparse, and the company sought to expand sales by introducing a product with wider appeal.

The result was the Burma-Shave brand of brush-less shaving cream and its supporting advertising program. Sales took off. At its peak, Burma-Shave was the second-highest selling brushless shaving cream in the United States. 

Sales declined in the 1950s, and in 1963 the company was sold to Philip Morris. The signs were removed at that time. The brand decreased in visibility and eventually became the property of the American Safety Razor Company.

In 1997, the American Safety Razor Company reintroduced the Burma-Shave brand with a nostalgic shaving soap and brush kit, though the original Burma-Shave was a brushless shaving cream, and Burma-Shave's own roadside signs frequently ridiculed "Grandpa's old-fashioned shaving brush."

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