Typical Anti American Anti US Military Drivel by Cartoonist Ted Rall

When the Ebola crisis struck in West Africa, other countries, like Cuba, sent in doctors. Not the United States. Repeating a worrisome trend we saw in Haiti after the earthquake and in Asia after the Indian Ocean tsunami, the U.S. sent in armed troops to subjegate the victim population. http://rall.com/comic/u-s-invades-ebola

  • I got this from a friend on Facebook.  The cartoon drawn by Mr. Ted Rall is of course an outright lie and outrageous.  President Obama is sending in 3,000 of our troops to help. They are flying in seventeen 100 bed hospitals and a great deal of equipment - far more than any country, as written on the news article below. And of course our troops are at serious risk. And America has had four medical people contract the disease and many more people serving there.
  • But Mr. Rall publishes these lies and judging by the comments and the forwarding it is receiving a lot of admiration from stupid people. And of course brings in more money from his web site via the donations from his admirers and advertising.
  • We have freedom of expression and freedom of speech and Mr. Rall can say and draw anything he wants, regardless of the truth.  And of course we can call him out and expose his lies about our great generous country and our brave troops. And don't support his web site. Mr Rall, you should be ashamed of yourself.  You are a clever cartoonist with no regard for the truth.

I will certainly avoid anything to do with Mr. Rall. I recommend everyone else do the same.