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Bass Residence - Architect Paul Rudolph

"While the Sarasota School found its inspiration in part from the philosophies of the Bauhaus, it incorporated forms of regional Southern architecture, using patios, verandas, modular construction and raised floors to open up its buildings for greater ventilation in pre-air conditioning days. The style added a play of light and shadow, and the color and texture of indigenous low maintenance materials, softening the cold machine aesthetic of the Bauhaus. This approach to design strengthened the connection between architecture and environment, allowing Sarasota School buildings to respect and blend well into their sites. The result was a regional modernism which blurred the distinction between the indoors and outdoors and accommodated the lifestyle and climate of southern Florida."

"Sarasota in the 1950s was one of the most important places
in the world for architectural creativity, where the greatest design movements of the day came together."

— Carl Abbott FAIA, original member of the Sarasota School of Architecture

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    The story: Inflected by local climate, construction practices, regional culture, and Florida life-style, the work of the Sarasota School of Architecture founded by ...

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    The Sarasota Architectural Foundation (SAF) celebrates the Sarasota School of Architecture movement, and advocates to preserve the midcentury modern ...

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    The Sarasota School of Architecture, sometimes called Sarasota Modern, is a regional style of post-war architecture that emerged on Florida's Central West ...

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    The Sarasota School of. Architecture. Walker Residence, Paul Rudolph architect,1953. An Exhibition of the University of Florida Architecture Archives,.

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    The Sarasota School of Architecture was perhaps an embodiment of a new energy of innovation and design that was occurring in America after the close of ...

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    Jun 8, 2008 - To the layman, the Sarasota School means flat roofs, jalousie windows and unadorned lines, but to architects the term refers more to a manner ...

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    The Sarasota School of Architecture, 1941-1966 [John Howey, Richard Guy Wilson, Michael Sorkin] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers.

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    The Sarasota School of Architecture is a regional architectural movement that flourished during the prosperous, modern design-driven years following the ...