Clean Energy - Wind Farm

Everyone is in favor of clean energy, saving the environment and reducing our dependency on foreign oil. The issues has lately been popularized by T. Boone Pickens. His plan is on the web site below:

Governments and business in Peoria could encourage the development of a wind farm near Peoria by creating a consortium who would band together to buy wind energy from a newly developed wind farm.

The Wind farm company could handle location, siting and development work. An ideal location would be on a major approach to the region, perhaps along I-74 . Another option would be a "Green Sustainable" technology and business park developed with the Wind Farm. This could also enhance our image as a "Green" Community.

Wind farms are of course controversial to nearby property owners. Siting is somewhat difficult. But the idea is worth researching. Grants for this type of work are available from:

Peoria Journal Star Article