Brain Cells Found

Scientists find intact brain cells in skull of man killed in Vesuvius eruption nearly 2,000 years ago.

Leave the brain cells alone. 

It's 2020, OK? 

Who knows what could happen!



Blog Vlog Plog Slog

blog (a truncation of "weblog") is a discussion or informational website published on the World Wide Web consisting of discrete, often informal diary-style text entries (posts). ... Blog can also be used as a verb, meaning to maintain or add content to a blog.

I have been in the blogging business for a long time and have about 500 blogs. All of my blogs are on this site: https://allourscoop.blogspot.com/ 

Just last week I learned the word VLOG, which is a mash up of Video and Blogs = Vlogs.

As it turns out, I have been a Vlogger for some time and did not know it. Some of my video blogs are:





Still, I wanted a video blog that said Vlog. So I created this one:


Such a DEAL! Still a little embarassed that I did not know the word Vlog.

But a lot of my blogs are just photos. So I thought perhaps I could invent the term Plog, which would equal Photos + Blogs. So I searched to see if the term was alread in use.

The first two definitions I found were:

Plog is the verb for the noun Plogging which is jogging and picking up litter.

Plog - portable, simple and extensible C++ logging library

So I was in the hunt to invent a new acronym. Then I found this definition.

(1) (PHOTO 
bLOG) A blog that is primarily used to display photos. Generic blogging services may be used, but plogs that are designed specifically for displaying photos are also created. Like a blog, postings are displayed in chronological order. In contrast, photo sharing websites offer features such as editing, folder organization and photo printing. See photo sharing site, blog service, vlog and blog.

Bummer. I  can't say that I coined the word - It is already out there. I have a large number of Plogs - a few below:




The definition for plogger is a little more convuluted:

Someone who picks up litter while jogging.

blogger who is paid by an organization to blog in a way that benefits that organization. Virtually synonymous with Troll.

A “Plogger” Is a Runner, but More Smug

Plogger is a sophisticated photo gallery application for the web. It is an open source software that is available freely for the users to create, edit and manage online photo galleries. It has several enhanced features that are not complicated yet are very powerful that can easily be adopted by any users.

OK, it appears that the term Plogger is out there but not used much the way I envision. So here is my definition:

PLOG - PHOTO bLOG a Blog that is primarily focused on photos.

And it follows that Planner who Plogs is a PlogPlanner, and a photo blog for planners is a PlannerPlog. OK, I will claim credit for the term PlogPlanner, and I are one.

And then I think we can expand the "7 P's of Planning" to the "8 Ps of Planning". Preliminary Prior Planning Prevents Pitiful Poor Plog Planning.

My wife says enough now, get some sleep. She refers to my efforts as SLOG "SillyBlog"