Copenhagen Sep 26 2023


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AI Virtual Reality Dialogue

Interesting.  So now you can use artificial intelligence (AI) to converse with the virtual reality  person of your dreams. A bit sad, but who am I to judge?  If it lets lonely people connect it is ok.  And should be much less than talking to a person who charges a fee. Of course those folks will be out of work.

Is this a great country, or what?  More progress through technology.  And it is obvious that we will soon have virtual reality interactive video to match the dialogue.

In Copenhagen today. Nice town.


Interesting Data - Slides Were Prepared by Douglas W. Stowell


These interesting slides were prepared by Douglas W. Stowell. You can get a full e-copy of these and many more slides by sending a request to: 


Celtic Tiger

The Celtic Tiger refers to the strong (tigerish) economic growth of Ireland in recent years. It is a remarkable turnaround. Ireland was one of Europe's poorest countries for more than two centuries prior to their recent rapid economic growth. It is one of the reasons that so many people migrated to America.

It is an excellent example of effective national economic development efforts. Part of their economic resurgence is due to their policies of low corporate taxes, low wages, the U.S. economic boom, improved education, foreign investment, stable national economy, adequate budget policies, European Union (EU) membership, and EU subsidies.

The economy is a highly developed knowledge economy, focused on services in high-tech, life sciences and financial services. Ireland is an open economy (3rd on the Index of Economic Freedom). Ireland ranks 2nd of 192 in the IMF table and 4th of 187 in the World Bank ranking.]

It is also an English speaking country, providing a logical base for American companies that are operating in the EU and England. And connections to the large Irish-American population helps. Most Irish Americans today are descendants from immigrants who moved into America during the 19th century. Currently, there are about 36 million ethnic Irish who reside in the United States, making the third largest ancestry group, first being German-Americans and second Mexican-Americans respectively. Irish-Americans care about and like Ireland. This provides tourism and likely helps in decisions of American companies to open operations in Ireland.

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The Chunnel - London to Amsterdam on the Eurostar Train

We took the Eurostar Train from London to Amsterdam on 19 Sep 2023.  The train went under the English Channel - smooth and fast. The trip was under 5 hours.


We have crossed the English Channel a number of times on ferry boats and airplanes. The train was very comfortable and smooth.