Why Plan When You Can React ?



Things I have learned as a City Planner and Marine and Boy Scout and in Sunday School.
Don't worry, be happy.  

Why Plan, when you can react?

As you climb the ladder of success, don't forget who helped you.

Any road will do when you don't know where you are going.

This too shall pass.

Get it done.


Think positive.

Life has its ups and downs.

It will get better.

The Seven "P's" Of Planning  - Preliminary Prior Planning Prevents Pitiful Poor Performance

Poor Planning on Your Part Does not Necessarily Constitute an Emergency on Mine

Positive Mental Attitude is a Force Multiplier.

Don't make mountains out of mole hills.

What good does getting depressed do?

Dive right in.

Take bite size projects and finish them.

Make a decision and stick with it.

The longest journey begins with a single step.

Excuses are like belly buttons, everyone has one.

I am from the government and here to help.

Close enough for government work.

If anything can go wrong, it will.

If it ain't broke don't fix it.

         But a stitch in time saves nine.

Run spiell chek.

Travel more.

Eat Less.

If it tastes good, spit it out.

Keep plugging away.

Swing for the Fences but try not to strike out.

Stuff happens.

Just do it.

Can do easy.

Criticism, like sewage, runs down hill.

Fools rush in where angels fear to tread.

Damn the Torpedoes, Full speed Ahead!

Don't Lose Friends Over Politics

In America we elect a Republican or a Democrat, pretty good people. We are not choosing between a Communist and a Fascist.

When in danger, when in doubt, run in circles, scream and shout.

"We spend precious hours fearing the inevitable. It would be wise to use that time adoring our families, cherishing our friends, and living our lives!"  Mary Angelou

Be Prepared.

Do a good turn daily.

Good guidelines then and now - A Scout is Trustworthy, Loyal, Helpful, Friendly, Courteous, Kind, Obedient, Cheerful, Thrifty, Brave, Clean, and Reverent.

On your Honor, Do your Best, Do Your Duty, For God and Your Country.

Leave your campground better than you found it.

Leave your community better than you found it.

If like many planners you are disorganized, find someone who is organized to help you.

Checklists help but the are not the bible.

A Plan is Not the Bible

Search for the Win / Win.

Developers are important to your community.

Seek and Ye Shall Find.

Planning, like life, has its ups and downs.

It will get better / It's got to get better / I hope it gets better.

Brevity is Beautiful.

KISS - Keep it Short and Sweet.

Short Plans are Best.

Your long plan should have a short summary.

Don't make mountains out of mole hills.

Life can be a can of worms.

Publish or perish.

The longest journey starts with a single step. 

Keep plugging away.

Muddle through.

Take bite size projects and finish them.

Make a decision and stick with it.

Keep your eye on the ball.

Planning does not equal procrastination.

Trend is not Destiny

Current Trends May Not Forecast the Future.

If I don't know the answer I will make something up.

Keep your friends.

Don't be a workaholic.

How many people on their deathbed say, "Gosh, I wished I had worked more?"

The Few, the Proud, The Marines.

The Few, the Careful, The Planners.

Building consensus among governments and people is like herding Cats.

Show me which way the people are going and I will lead them.
2016 Zimbabwe 

Planning Chicago's third airport is like bathing an elephant - it is big, difficult, and you can definitely get hurt.

Excuses are like belly buttons, everyone has one.

Grant me the COURAGE to change what should be changed; the SERENITY to accept what cannot be changed; and the WISDOM to know the difference.

We will all hang together or all hang separately.

Don't sweat the small stuff.

But pay attention to details - other people are.

Let criticism roll off your back.

Do what your boss tells you unless it is illegal or immoral.

Flee Fornification, or, Don't get caught.

Don't Ask, Don't Tell.

Most of your life is none of their business.

Socrates was a famous Greek Philosopher. Like many planners, he was always telling people what do do..............          They poisoned him.

When you take a job, you are issued some marbles. Each time there is a problem one marble is taken away. No new marbles are ever added for any reason.  After a while, you lose your marbles.

When in danger, when in doubt, run in circles, scream and shout.

Hostile public hearings are stressful but they seldom shoot real bullets.

The Planner is like the Marine Point Man - he leads from the front, gets shot at often, and sometimes gets dinged.

When it absolutely, positively has to be destroyed overnight - Call 911-Marines.

Great Leadership enables the Marines to get American teenagers up at 0500 hours, work out, stay clean and neat and organized, and Charge Machine Guns, all for minimum wage.

Yea though I walk through the Valley of the Shadow of Death, I will fear no evil, because I am a US Marine and there for the baddest guy in the valley.

To err is human, to forgive divine - neither of which is Marine policy.

The height of windy braggadocio obnoxiousness - a Marine from the Windy City.

Stop me before I Plan again.

Covid-19 - Wear Masks, Keep Your Distance, Hide Out. This Too Shall Pass

I am tired of Covid. I want to insult and demean it.  I will now call it the Cooties!  Don't get the cooties.

After                                                                    Before

ACDC - Acronym Code Decode Center

PANE - People Against Nearly Everything

FUBIJAR - Flip You Buddy, I'm Just A Reserve

FUBIJAC - Flip You Buddy, I'm Just A Consultant

FUBAR - Flipped Up Beyond All Recognition 

WITAWTAW - Where There's a Will, There's a Way

NIMBY - Not In My Back Yard

NIMTOF - Not In My Term Of Office

BANANA  Build Absolutely Nothing Anywhere Near Anybody

REMF - Rear Echelon MF

SUCKS - Snarky Unfair Churlish Kid Stuff

DUDE - Developer Under Delusions of Entitlement

TICS - This Is Complicated Stuff

ISC - I Stand Corrected

MMOM - Making Mountains Out Of Molehills

DWBH - Don Worry Be Happy

DAT - Developer Adjustment Tool (My Marine knife on the wall)

PIHEFF - Planning Is Hard, Especially For the Future

FASU - Forecasts All Screwed Up

PIOOTA - Pulling It Out Of The Air

The Plan

The Plan

In the beginning, there was a plan,
And then came the assumptions,
And the assumptions were without form,
And the plan without substance,

And the darkness was upon the face of the workers,

And they spoke among themselves saying,

"It is a crock of shit and it stinks."

And the workers went unto their Supervisors and said,

"It is a pile of dung, and we cannot live with the smell."

And the Supervisors went unto their Managers saying,

"It is a container of excrement, and it is very strong,

Such that none may abide by it."

And the Managers went unto their Directors saying,

"It is a vessel of fertilizer, and none may abide by its strength."

And the Directors spoke among themselves saying to one another,

"It contains that which aids plants growth, and it is very strong."

And the Directors went to the Vice Presidents saying unto them,

"It promotes growth, and it is very powerful."

And the Vice Presidents went to the President, saying unto him,

"This new plan will actively promote the growth and vigor

Of the company With very powerful effects."

And the President looked upon the Plan

And saw that it was good,

And the Plan became Policy.

And this, my friend, is how shit happens.

One Four Year Terms For President

I support limiting the US President to one four year term.  One and Done.  

A President usually accomplishes all he can or wants to do in one term.  The second term is just coasting.

The US decided to limit the Presidency to two terms in 1947.  No restrictions were placed on the Vice President.

"Passed by Congress in 1947, and ratified by the states on February 27, 1951, the Twenty-Second Amendment limits an elected president to two terms in office, a total of eight years."

One four year term is more than long enough. A one term restriction would stop the debacle that we had on Jan 6, where the losing incumbent fought to maintain power.

By restricting our future Presidents to one term we may dampen the blood sport of the opposition party attacking the President all the time. Since the President can never run again, villifying him won't be so attractive.  And perhaps we can return to patriotic Americans supporting our leader duing his four term, while trying to build support for their candidate for the future.

We should also limit the Vice President to one four year term, and restrict him or her from ever running for the VP or President again.  This will help all Americans to support the VP without the incessant villification of the person. Since the VP cannot run for President they hopefully won't be a target.

The Vice President would change from being a younger less experienced peson to a more seasoned veteran who can't hope to be elected to the Presidency.

Our country is terribly divided now. We need to take steps to stop the incessant attacks on our President and Vice President. Since they will be done at the end of one four year term, never to run again, we can hope for a little less attack dog bickering.



Abortions have been declining in the US.

The recent Supreme Court decision will result in less abortion.  Educated employed women will likely travel to States where abortion is legal. Unemployed poor women will have fewer abortions. More unwanted children will be born into poverty with related social problems.

"The effect of legalized abortion on crime (also the Donohue–Levitt hypothesis) is a controversial hypothesis about the reduction in crime in the decades following the legalization of abortion. Proponents argue that the availability of abortion resulted in fewer births of children at the highest risk of committing crime. The earliest research suggesting such an effect was a 1966 study in Sweden. In 2001, Steven Levitt of the University of Chicago and John Donohue of Yale University argued, citing their research and earlier studies, that children who are unwanted or whose parents cannot support them are likelier to become criminals. This idea was further popularized by its inclusion in the book Freakonomics, which Levitt co-wrote.

Critics have argued that Donohue and Levitt's methodologies are flawed and that no statistically significant relationship between abortion and later crime rates can be proven.[1][2][3] Criticisms include the assumption in the Donohue-Levitt study that abortion rates increased substantially since the 1973 Supreme Court case Roe v. Wade; critics use census data to show that the changes in the overall abortion rate could not account for the decrease in crime claimed by the study's methodology (legal abortions had been permitted under limited circumstances in many states prior). Other critics state that the correlations between births and crime found by Donohue–Levitt do not adequately account for confounding factors such as reduced drug use, changes in demographics and population densities, or other contemporary cultural changes."


So we are entering into a long term controlled experiment.  Some States will continue to permit abortions while others will eliminate it.  If Donahue-Levitt are correct violent crime should increase in the States that eliminate abortion beginning in about 15 years.

Podcast by the authors

Voter Fraud Allegations

We all know numerous people who are convinced that the 2020 election was stolen from President Trump. This is despite all the court cases made by the Trump campaign and others that found no fraud. And despite the Department of Justice investigations that showed minimal fraud.

The link below is from the Conservative Heritage Foundation. They publish all the legal cases about voter fraud.  Take a look at their data base.  Many of the cases are where local officials tried to increase their vote count to retain their jobs. There was voter fraud committed by both Democrats and Republicans. Voter fraud took place in numerous States, most of them not in the battleground States.  And none of them would have gotten anywhere near the number needed to change the Presidential elections.


Pennsylvania2021Ralph Holloway ThurmanCriminal ConvictionImpersonation Fraud At The Polls
Pennsylvania2021Bruce BartmanCriminal ConvictionFraudulent Use Of Absentee Ballots
Texas2021Shannon BrownCriminal ConvictionFraudulent Use Of Absentee Ballots
Virginia2021Jonathan Meade West Sr.Criminal ConvictionDuplicate Voting
West Virginia2021Elizabeth DurhamCriminal ConvictionFalse Registrations
West Virginia2021Timothy Aaron MetzDiversion ProgramBallot Petition Fraud
Arizona2020Randy Allen JumperCriminal ConvictionFraudulent Use Of Absentee Ballots, Duplicate Voting
California2020April AtilanoCriminal ConvictionFalse Registrations
California2020Norman HallCriminal ConvictionBallot Petition Fraud
California2020Richard HowardCriminal ConvictionBuying Votes, Ballot Petition Fraud
California2020Jentry JaspersonCriminal ConvictionBallot Petition Fraud
California2020Louis WiseCriminal ConvictionBuying Votes, Ballot Petition Fraud
California2020Bradley JaspersonCriminal ConvictionBallot Petition Fraud
California2020Christopher WilliamsCriminal ConvictionBuying Votes, Ballot Petition Fraud
California2020Nickey HuntleyCriminal ConvictionBuying Votes, Ballot Petition Fraud

Louisiana2020Delores "Dee" HandyCriminal ConvictionIllegal "Assistance" At The Polls
New Jersey2020William RojasCriminal ConvictionBuying Votes, Fraudulent Use Of Absentee Ballots
New Jersey2020May 2020 Third Ward Paterson City…Judicial FindingFraudulent Use Of Absentee Ballots
New Mexico2020Dyon HerreraCriminal ConvictionFraudulent Use Of Absentee Ballots
New Mexico2020Laura SeedsCriminal ConvictionFraudulent Use Of Absentee Ballots
Virginia2020Lauren Creekmore PeabodyCriminal ConvictionBallot Petition Fraud
Wisconsin2020Chad ArmstrongCriminal ConvictionIneligible Voting
West Virginia2020Tess Alayna BishopCriminal ConvictionIneligible Voting