Beth and I Travelling in Comfort


Beth and I flying on military planes.  I am a retired Marine and Beth and I can fly on our US Military Planes - space available. The US military flies a lot of missions, and they let servicemen and women, and retirees permission to fly if there is room.  Here we are on an Air Force C-117 flying from Rota, Spain to South Carolina.  An Army CH-47 Helicopter was being transported from Afghanistan. It was very beaten up.  Beth asked the Army SNCO if they were going to junk the helicopter. No, he said, we are going to fix it up and fly it for another 25 years.

View From KC-135 Boom Oregon

Shot from the KC-135 refueling position McChord AFB in Washington State to Travis AFB in California.

Photos From The Refueling Position in the Bottom Rear of an Air Force KC-135


KC-135 Photos Taken From the Boom Operator Position in the rear nelly of the Aircraft Over Washington and Oregon in 2010. I think the photos include Mount St Helens and Spirit Lake.

I took the photos of the mountains above from the refueling control station in the rear bottom ot the aircraft looking down.  

KC-135 refueling aircraft.  The KC-135 is similar to the Boeing 707. It was first brought into service in 1957, and is projected to stay in continuous for many years going forward.

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We flew home from the Panama Canal cruise from March Air Reserve Base east of Los Angeles to Pope Field on Fort Bragg, North Carolina, on an Air Force Reserve C-17 on Jan 6, 2020. Nice flight, thank you, Air Force. We were the only passengers.

Our military is getting prepared for possible conflict with Iran. The plane was going to continue on with a load of ammunition.  400 Marines left March just before us and the 82nd Airborne at Fort Bragg was busy getting prepared.

Stay safe, ladies and gentleman. Here is hoping it does not develop into a big war. We are tired of continuous conflict in the middle east.

It is not all big cargo plane.  Here we are on a small comfortable plane, a C-37.


Caught a C-37 from Macdill Air Force Base in Tampa to Peterson Air Force Base in Colorado Springs.  Very nice ride. Will drive slowly to the coast via national parks.

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