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Excellent advice and a free E Book by Pete Pointer

 Excellent advice and a free E Book by Pete Pointer.


           You can access my free e-book

            "Readings in Urban Planning and Design"

With 60 papers (52 published) and over 250 illustrations, available with 30 other posts on my master blog site at www.petepointner.comThis free e-book elaborates on topics and follows the chapters of my book, “Planning Connections – Human, Natural and Man Made” which includes 19 case studies of approved and implemented projects.  A free review copy of this book is available to libraries, the news media or teachers through my publisher, Author House. 

.     Involve all .     Listen well.  Respect other person. 

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Copenhagen Sep 26 2023


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AI Virtual Reality Dialogue

Interesting.  So now you can use artificial intelligence (AI) to converse with the virtual reality  person of your dreams. A bit sad, but who am I to judge?  If it lets lonely people connect it is ok.  And should be much less than talking to a person who charges a fee. Of course those folks will be out of work.

Is this a great country, or what?  More progress through technology.  And it is obvious that we will soon have virtual reality interactive video to match the dialogue.

In Copenhagen today. Nice town.