Chicago Homicides

Chicago homicides have been trending down for many years. But you would never know it from the news. It is of course a good political issue.

Police: Homicides in Chicago down by nearly 100 in 2018

January 1, 2019


Your Childrens Book

You can write an online book with your children and grandchildren. You can use the Google document below as a template. You can share the story by email. You and your grand children can write the captions for the photos together. 

The Document below can be viewed and edited by everyone. If you decide to write your own book create a new Google document and paste the photos into your book. Add your own photos and invite only your family as editors. You can make the document public or private.

Even if your grandchildren live far away you can still write your book.  Share your google document by email. Call your grandchildren and brainstorm the book them.  

Write the captions to the photos together. You can add your own photos and delete the ones you do not want.

You could also write the book while on a Zoom or Google Meeting call so that you can watch your kids and record the video of your book writing process.

Tecnical Directions For the Book

Google Documents

Google Documents are part of Gmail so if you use Gmail you already have Google Documents. If not you can sign up for a Gmail account which is free and easy.

Go to http://gmail.com/ to create a gmail account. It is pretty simple. If you need directions click below: 


After you create your Gmail account click on the nine little boxes in the upper right hand corner and go to Docs or Google Drive, then Docs. Then create your online draft book. Give it a name, decide who can view it and who can edit it. In this case you, your children and grandchildren.

Directions below:  


Create you own Google document and give it a name. You can then share it by email to those who you want to edit the document. You then decide whether you want to make it public for all to read or just limit it to your family. You can copy my photos and/or put your own photos and text in the document.

If you like to have a printed bound book there a number of affordable ways to print the book. Here is one.


If you decide to use a video call you can use Zoom or Google Meetings, Skype, or another program. You can record your creative process with your grandchildren for future viewing and enjoyment.


Please let me know if this works for you or if I should work to make something in this blog more understandable.