is an acronym that I am proud to have created (I think I created it, I have used it for 30 years and there is nothing on the internet, so I claim to be the inventor). If someone else can prove it was created prior, please don't BOB (Burst Our Bubble) and tell me.

PIOOTA is a careful scientific method of developing facts to support our correct version of the alternate facts. 

I stands for Pulling It Out Of The Air.


A somewhat similar acronym that I invented is IWMUS.

If I don't know the answer I will make up something. This is very popular among politicians although they do not use the acronym.


PANE is another acronym that I invented. It stands for People Against Nearly Everything.

We use many acronyms in the military and in city planning. I created the ACDC below to help explain them.

ACDC - Acronym Code Decode Center

PANE - People Against Nearly Everything

FUBIJAR - Flip You Buddy, I'm Just A Reserve

FUBIJAC - Flip You Buddy, I'm Just A Consultant

FUBAR - Flipped Up Beyond All Recognition 

BOB - Burst Our Bubble

WITAWTAW - Where There's a Will, There's a Way

NIMBY - Not In My Back Yard

NIMTOF - Not In My Term Of Office

BANANA  Build Absolutely Nothing Anywhere Near Anybody

REMF - Rear Echelon MF

SUCKS - Snarky Unfair Churlish Kid Stuff

DUDE - Developer Under Delusions of Entitlement

TICS - This Is Complicated Stuff

ISC - I Stand Corrected

MMOM - Making Mountains Out Of Molehills

DWBH - Don' Worry Be Happy

PIHEFF - Planning Is Hard, Especially For the Future

DILLIGAS - Do I Look Like I Give A ___ ?

FASU - Forecasts All Screwed Up

SWAG - Selected Wild Ass Guess

PIOOTA - Pulling It Out Of The Air

7 P's - Preliminary Prior Planning Prevents Pitiful Poor Performance

FF - Flee Fornification

DAT - Developer Adjustment Tool (My Marine knives on the wall, very effective when dealing with developers)

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