Fort Steuben Bridge Demolition

Demolition of Fort Steuben Bridge in Ohio 

on February 21, 2012 @ 7:15 AM

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Demolition of Fort Steuben Bridge on February 21, 2012 @ 7:15 AM


Exercise is Good For You

Super Efficient Power Plants

"The plant takes the leftover energy and uses it over and over again. "That's what gets us the efficiency”—almost 90 percent, says Merrihue. The hot exhaust from two gas-fired turbines fuels a steam turbine, which produces additional electricity. The leftover steam travels to a hot water heat exchanger and then to a chiller, where the last bit of energy is used to cool a 2400-gallon tank of water down to 45 degrees."

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Photos of the Japanese Earthquake

Before and After Photos of the Japanese Earthquake

Planning to prevent or mitigate disasters if of course part of City Planning.  A City Planner must be thinking ahead and working with a variety of agencies to prepare for and try to prevent disasters, both natural and mad made.


Finding People - Cell Phones

More people are changing their telephone service to just cell phones. It is cheaper and easier, especially if you are travelling a lot or living in two places.  

This can be a problem for people trying to find you - they know you live in an area but your cell phone is not listed.

You can list your cell phone by two or more locations by going to: 


This is also a free way to look for friends.

Also a cheap way to help and connect with your children. The family plan often lets you add a cell phone for $10 a month.


CEOs For Cities

The City as a Startup

The theme of the 2012 Spring National Meeting of CEOs for Cities is The City As A Startup: Attracting Talent, Taking Risks and Going to Scale. It will be held in Cincinnati beginning at 8:30 AM on May 17 and conclude by 1:30 PM on May 18. For agenda updates and additional details, please visit ceosforcities.org.
You may click here to pre-register now. Full registration information will be available by March 1. A block of rooms has been reserved at The Cincinnatian Hotel at 601 Vine Street for a discounted rate of $188/night. Please call             +1 513 381 3000       and mention CEOs for Cities when you make your reservation. 
Thank you to the Carol Ann & Ralph V. Haile Jr./US Bank Foundation, Downtown Cincinnati Inc and the leaders of our Cincinnati City Cluster for their generous support.

GOOD Ideas for Cities St. Louis

GOOD Ideas for Cities, a partnership between GOOD and CEOs for Cities with support from ArtPlace, will host its second of five brainstorming events in St. Louis on March 8th. At the event, creative problem solvers will tackle seven urban challenges and present solutions to a live audience including city leaders. Click here for more details about the event. Follow GOOD Ideas for Cities on Twitter at @IdeasforCities.

Education: A Shift Toward Results

There has been a lot of discussion about shifting the responsibility of post-secondary institutions to graduate more students instead of focusing on enrollment. Recently, the state of Tennessee shifted its funding formula to measure outcomes instead of enrollment. President Obama agrees with the approach and mentioned in his State of the Union address in January that he is willing to fund those institutions that can graduate students and prepare them for the workforce. This renewed focus on graduation will encourage institutions of higher learning to think creatively about student preparation. 

Distinctiveness Crucial for Urban Success

No city can be number one at everything, but there is a huge variety of number one rankings for aspiring cities. An article on Atlantic Cities discusses the many cities competing to be the most bicycle friendly. The article suggests that instead of all competing for the same superlative, cities should try to succeed in categories that fit them best. CEOs for Cities' City Vitals recognize that there is no best overall city, so it ranks cities across over twenty different criteria. This allows each city to embrace its distinctive qualities, and to maximize its existing strengths in an effort to be globally competitive. The 2012 update to City Vitals will be presented at the CEOs for Cities Spring National Meeting.

CEOs for Cities
22 W. Washington Suite 1500, Chicago, IL 60602 -             312.553.4630      


Urban Versus Suburban

Interesting discussion of urban versus suburban living.


Living in urban or suburban or rural areas is fine.  Different strokes for different folks.


Media Bias

Freakonomics has an interesting article on media bias. Click to read the article.

The ranking from the article
Here’s how 20 major media outlets rank on Groseclose and Milyo’s slant scale, with 100 representing the most liberal and zero the most conservative:

ABC Good Morning America

ABC World News Tonight

CBS Early Show

CBS Evening News

CNN NewsNight with Aaron Brown

Drudge Report

Fox News Spec. Rept. w/ Brit Hume

Los Angeles Times

NBC Nightly News

NBC Today Show

New York Times

Newshour with Jim Lehrer


NPR Morning Edition

Time Magazine

U.S. News and World Report

USA Today

Wall Street Journal

Washington Post

Washington Times