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Tax Cuts For the Rich

"In promoting his plan to overhaul of the nation’s tax system, President Donald Trump claimed “the rich will not be gaining at all with this plan.” 

Ho, Ho Ho.  Anyone who believes this whopper please send me $50 and I will send you ownership papers for the Brooklyn Bridge.

What do you expect when you elect a New York Billionaire and he fills his White House with Goldman Sachs Swamp Dwellers?


Five Living Presidents Working Together

Nice to see the five living Presidents working together to help raise money 

for hurricane relief.

5 ex-presidents unite for hurricane relief concert - CNNPolitics


3 days ago - Former US Presidents Barack Obama, Bill Clinton, Jimmy Carter, George ... 5 ex-presidentsattend hurricane relief concert; Trump appears in ...

5 Living Former Presidents Join for Hurricane Relief Concert - People


2 days ago - On Saturday, all five former living United States presidents came ... Share a Laugh Behind Bill Clinton's Back at Hurricane Relief Concert.

Politics shoved aside as 5 former US presidents unite for hurricane ...

3 days ago - President Donald Trump, in his notable absence, praised the five former U.S. presidentswho spearheaded a hurricane relief concert in a Texas college town Saturday night in a video played at the event. ... Democrats Barack Obama, Bill Clinton and Jimmy Carter and Republicans George W ...

Growth of US Debt

The growth of our National Debt is growing very rapidly.  And the Federal Government is proposing massing tax cuts and substantial spending increases. Totally irresponsible.


Federal Spending

The Federal Government is spending a lot more than it receives in taxes. The responsible adult thing to do would be to lower spending and/or increase taxation. This was the Republican position prior to our election of Donald Trump.

So what are we proposing to do now? Substantially cut taxes and significantly increase spending for military, veteran benefits, and infrastructure.  Totally irresponsible.

The chart below shows projected deficits before the proposed tax cuts and new expenditures were proposed.



Want to Live In a Tiny Home? Now you can buy one on Amazon

Want to Live In a Tiny Home?

Now you can buy one on Amazon

Pre-Fabricated Tiny Home - $36,000 (plus $3,755 shipping)

The structure weighs 7,500 pounds, so it’s a good thing you don’t have to lug it home on top of your minivan. According to the Amazon description, it’s a “perfect solution for a remote tiny homeor vacation getaway.” And it has sewer, water and electrical connections.

The item, made by modular home builder MODS International, conjures up memories of the Sears catalog homes sold between 1908 and 1940. The houses, shipped on railroad boxcars, came as massive kits that included everything from siding and lumber to flooring and shingles. They were fairly popular, with Sears, Roebuck and Co. selling more than 70,000 of them.

There’s no doubt the concept of living in smaller dwellings is catching on — especially among older people. Tiny house communities are springing up throughout the United States, with about 2 of 5 owners over the age of 50. Sometimes called “granny pods,” tiny homes can be ideal for those relocating to be closer to relatives but who also don’t want to live under the same roof.

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National Debt - Now is Not the Time For a Major Tax Cut and Spending Increases

President Trump is proposing a major tax cut and substantial spending increases. This when our deficits are very high and projected to go much higher. 

The economy is doing very well.  Now is the time to begin paying down the national debt, not increasing it. The table below leading debtor nations.  The US debt is 106 percent of GDP. At least we are not as bad as Greece. Here is hoping enough responsible Republicans are left to block this very bad proposal. 


Trump, 'King of Debt'




Trier, Germany Oct 17, 2017


 Porta Nigra  ("Black Gate") novel

In the 4th century, Trier was one of the largest cities in the Roman Empire with a population around 75,000 and possibly as much as 100,000.  The  Porta Nigra  ("Black Gate") dates from this era.

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