Congratulations to Ty Warner AICP

Congratulations to  Ty Warner AICP 

Ty has accepted a position as the first Executive Director of the newly formed Flint Hills Regional Council in the vicinity of Manhattan, Kansas, home of Kansas State University and Fort Riley Army Base, about two hours west of Kansas City. 

Ty did a great job for the Chicago Metro area and for Will County. Good luck to Ty and his family as they open a new chapter in their lives.



Illinois River Road National Scenic Byway

Illinois River Road

Illinois River Road logo

Illinois River Road National Scenic Byway is a program of the Economic Development Council for Central Illinois.

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Good Scoop from Peoria Magazines

Good Scoop from Peoria Magazines


With nearly 700 applications for admission to Quest Charter Academy, the Peoria Charter School Initiative will hold a public lottery tomorrow to select students for enrollment in the fifth, sixth and seventh grades. Because the number of applications exceeded the 75 seats available for each grade, Illinois law requires that a public lottery be held to ensure random selection of students for enrollment. It will be held at 4pm at the Peoria Civic Center in Room 220-222. The public is invited to attend.

Approval for the conversion of the Kellar Branch rail line into a recreational trail is nearly complete. After Tuesday’s approval by the Peoria City Council, the Peoria Park District Board and Peoria Heights Village Board must vote on the agreement to move forward, and the project, long in the works, can begin as early as later this month.

In other trail news, the Peoria County Board will vote tomorrow on a grant application to the Illinois Department of Natural Resources to cover the cost of acquiring 29 acres of land to build a 25-mile trail that would start in Bellvue and run along Farmington Road through Hanna City into Farmington.

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Peoria is "Stepping Up"

The Heartland Partnership family of companies has launched a new community campaign called "I'm Stepping Up." It is designed to give people in the Peoria Metro a way to step up and continue moving the region forward.

The Heartland Partnership and EDC President/CEO, Jim McConoughey, said "We are coming out of a very difficult economic period and this campaign gives people an outlet to share good news for a change." The campaign centers on a blue box that people are being encouraged to step up onto and tell their positive stories. "We want them to tell what they are doing that's positive and good for the region. Anyone can participate; young, old, man, woman, business, individual ... anyone can do this." Supporters are encouraged to take video and photos of people stepping up and submit them through www.imsteppingup.net . Online you will also find more ideas on how you can step up.

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Good Scoop form Central Illinois Perspective

Central Illinois Perspective
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Peoria Progress


The Greater Peoria Mass Transit District is celebrating its 40-year anniversary all this week. The district was formed on May 4, 1970 by the City of Peoria, Village of Peoria Heights and Village of West Peoria.

Peoria NEXT will award two $50,000 grants this summer through the Peoria NEXT Research Grant Program. Pre-proposals are being accepted now, the application deadline is May 26th, and the awards will be announced on July 15th. Funding will be awarded to projects that best incorporate the inter-institutional collaboration, scientific/technical merit, commercialization potential and future access to funding. Electronic submission to kham@h-p.org is the preferred method of submission. Call 495-5924 for more information.

Intellihot Green Technologies Inc., a 2009 start-up company in the Peoria NEXT Innovation Center, is nominated as one of the best energy start-up companies in the U.S. and could be one of 24 start-ups selected to appear on a 13-part TV reality series set to air this fall. Formed in 2009 by former Caterpillar Inc. employees, Intellihot has developed a state-of-the art demand tankless water heater that uses conventional materials and advanced electronics. Visit startups.cringely.com to vote for Intellihot!

Goodwill Industries of Central Illinois announced its participation in Put Illinois to Work, an anti-poverty program intended to create employment opportunities for low-income families and individuals. Eligible residents will be placed in positions for up to six months, learning valuable skills and supporting their families. Goodwill is acting as a subcontractor for the program. For more information, call 682-1113, ext. 121 or visit putillinoistowork.illinois.gov.


Historic High Street

Nestled between Peoria's picturesque West Bluff and energetic Main Street, High Street offers its residents and visitors a vibrant and elegant slice of historical significance. From the mammoth Easton house (now Converse Marketing) gracing the entrance to the renovated Greenhut mansion (now Bobbitt's Historical Quarters) at the foot, the magic of High Street has survived the years and resonates today.

Once dubbed "High Wine Avenue," High Street housed many of the original Peoria whiskey barons, including Joseph Greenhut, president and founder of The Distillers and Cattle Feeders Company. In the mid-1880's, an era before income tax, fortunes were spent on homes, massive legacies that still stand today. The expanse of Peoria's whisky riches is showcased in the diverse and ornate architecture of High Street. 

During this golden age of Peoria history, the city established itself as the distillery capital of the world; High Street housed the city's exclusive nouveau riche, the properties offering both seclusion and breathtaking views. Each owner hired the services of individual architects, and thus High Street boasts styles ranging from Georgian and Gothic Revival, to Queen Anne and Flemish Revival. This combination of porticos, cupolas, latticework, leaded windows, and arches creates an eclectic presence unique to High Street.

Today High Street is home to artists, writers, politicians and families interested in living a piece of history. Many of the mansions have been restructured into apartments, and few single-family houses remain. A restoration revival swept the street in the late 1980's and early 1990's when owners began working with the city to uphold historical standards in the renovations. 

On any summer day, visitors stroll the street, taking in the majestic homes and lush landscaping. Trolleys and tour buses creep along while tourists snap photos. Children and lovers alike hide within the limbs of the ancient oak tree at Giant Oak Park. Once the most exclusive residential street in Peoria, High Street continues to give citizens a taste of Peoria's past.

High Street Source:http://www.historicpeoria.com/entry.php?eid=214&catid=1&cid=1

Ruyle Hullinger home

423 High Street, Peoria, Illinois

Located in the High Wine District across from Giant Oak Park, this Colonial Revival home was built around the turn of the century. On the ridge of the Illinois River, it overlooks downtown Peoria and the University of Illinois Medical Campus.

In the 1890's, a railroad agent and the treasurer of a local industry lived in the house. Later, the home was a boarding house and a halfway house for some years. It is reputed to be occupied by a ghost. The home was restored near its 100 year anniversary by Jack and Cathy Empson. Renovation was continued by the current owners, Beth Ruyle and Craig Hullinger in 2006.

The existing, original slate roof is moderately pitched and hipped, with a ridge. Classic one story fluted columns support the full length porch. Brick walls are edged with quoins. The interior boasts extensive stained woodwork and marble floors.