Timeless China - Fisherman in the River

Fisherman in the River Surrounded by New Upscale Development

The pace of new development in China is incredible.

Urban renewal is underway everywhere 
in the prosperous cities of eastern China. 

Most of the new development is near efficient public transit. 

New developments are very well lanscaped. 

More Photos and Info about our recent Chamber of Commerce China Trip

Great News -Warehouse District - Major Announcement

Great News

Urban Village in Peoria

By Eric Shangraw

October 19, 2010
Peoria leaders unveiled their aggressive vision for the city's Warehouse District today.
The three-year old plan is becoming reality now that the city has ten million dollars from the Federal Government to get it going.

Eric Shangraw reports on the start of Peoria's new urban village.

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We Made it Back From China

We rode the Mag-Lev High Speed Train to the Airport. 431 Kilometers per hour


No seat belts. As we sped through 300 KMH, it occured to me to worry about what kept the thing on the tracks. Too Late!!! Fortunately it stayed on the tracks.

The Great Wall

We Made it Back From China. Very Interesting

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How About the Shweeb Person Powered Monorail for Build the Block?

How About the Shweeb Person Powered Monorail for Build the Block and downtown Peoria?

The system is a small monorail powered by by pedal power.  It would be very cool to have it run between Riverfront Museum, the CAT Visitor Center, the Riverfront, the new Per Marquette Hotel, and the Civic Center. It could also serve CAT Headquarters, the Riverplex, OSF, Methodist, and Bradley University.  

The system would be TIF eligible for the areas within the TIF. I also like the City chances of getting a US DOT Grant for a Sustainable "Green" rapid transit system.

Take a look at the system and tell use what you think.

Bike-Powered Monorail Gets Google Grant
Sep 28, 2010 -- Popular Science
The Shweeb is a person-powered monorail that currently only exists as an amusement park attraction in New Zealand. But with a $1 million Google grant, the creator may yet see his dream of a commuter Shweeb system. 
» http://www.planetizen.com/node/46191