Underwater Tunnels

Underwater tunnels are an interesting piece of infrastructure.
The list provides the name of the tunnel, the year of completion in parenthesis, the city/nation Those tunnels where the length is not known are listed at the end.
  1. Solbakk (uc) – Stavanger, Norway = 46,904 feet
  2. Harbour (prop) – Copenhagen, Denmark = 30-40,000 feet
  3. Tokyo Bay (1997) – Tokyo, Japan = 31,498 feet
  4. Xiamen West (uc, 2017) – Xiamen, China = 29,627 feet
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Salt Use

We want our friends up north to know we are thinking about you.

Tiny Home

A team of designers and architects based in South Africa has produced this charming prefabricated tiny home designed especially for the climate and conditions of their country. The versatile POD-Indawo can operate on or off-grid, and sports a decent-sized porch and an upstairs sleeping area.

With a footprint of 17 sq m (182 sq ft), the POD-Indawo is constructed from steel, aluminum, glass, and wood, and has a large glass facade and several windows for ventilation. The units are built in Johannesburg, South Africa, and can ship either as a basic shell or be outfitted with kitchen appliances, folding furniture, and storage solutions to suit.


The Hang - Musical Instrument

The Hang (German pronunciation: [haŋ] s a musical instrument created by Felix Rohner and Sabina Schärer in Bern, Switzerland.

Very interesting sound.

Thanks to Grace Bazelewski AICP for sharing on Facebook.


  • PANArt Gubal - Felix Rohner - Deep Bal - YouTube

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    PANArt Gubal - Felix Rohner - Deep Bal ... Video by Basil Rohner ... Panart Hang Official Documentary ...
  • Liron Man - Hang Solo (2008 - Suzan Dalal) سازی به نام هانگ ...


    Aug 12, 2010 - Uploaded by sharakam sna
    Hang ist ein Musikinstrument, das in seiner Form an eine große Linse ... Das Instrument wurde im Jahr ...
  • MAGIC HANG DRUM ! - YouTube


    Jul 10, 2008 - Uploaded by Anjoy Planet
    Inventé en 2000 par des BERNOIS (Félix Rohner et Sabina Schärer), le "HANG" est un instrument de musique ...

  • Liron Mann - hang drum - Instrumental - YouTube


    May 17, 2009 - Uploaded by TelAvivFolkClub
    I just love Persian music. Me and my friend met the artist in a bar after watching him drum on the table. We are ...
  • Mandalele - Hang Drum Solo (instrumental) - YouTube


    Jul 12, 2011 - Uploaded by RabbitHillAcoustic
    From the Mandalele Close Up Series. Frances Miller of Mandalele plays an original song she improvised during ...
  • HANG ***** INSTRUMENTAL - YouTube


  • 11/18/2014


    Cougar - Roland Erikson

    A cougar killed my cousin Roland Erikson's goat in Washington State.

    Bad Kitty.

    Our conservation efforts have succeeded in increasing the number and range of many species. A success story, but not fr the goat.


    Wind Energy in Scotland

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