Closer Than You Thought To WW III

50 years after Cuban missile crisis: closer than you thought to World War III

"Fifty years after the Cuban missile crisis, many people find it hard to believe that the confrontation could have pushed the US and Soviet Union to nuclear war. Robert F. Kennedy’s newly released papers remind us why this was the most dangerous moment in recorded history."

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World War III - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
World War III (WWIII, WW3 or the Third World War) is a hypothetical ..... be the closest the world has come to nuclear war since the Cuban Missile Crisis of 1962.

Cuban Missile Crisis: Robert Kennedy's notes reveal US ...
Daily Mail
Oct 15, 2012 - The Cuban Missile Crisis began 50 years ago this week, but even now the .... after Cuban missile crisis: closer than you thought to World War III ...

Soviet submariner who single-handedly averted WWIII at the ...
Daily Mail
Sep 25, 2012 - Tense: For 13 days during the Cuban Missile Crisis in October 1962, the world held its breath as the USSR and the U.S. stood on the brink of ...

50 years after Cuban missile crisis: closer than you thought ...
The Christian Science Monitor
Oct 15, 2012 - Fifty years after the Cuban missile crisis, many people find it hard to believe ... in October 1962 announcing what could have been World War III.

The Photographs That Prevented World War III | History ...
While researching a book on the Cuban missile crisis, the writer unearthed new spy images that could have changed history.

'With A Heavy Heart...' -- Secret JFK Speech Could Have ...
Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty
Oct 19, 2012 - 'With A Heavy Heart...' -- Secret JFK Speech Could Have Signaled Start Of WWIII ... 50 Years Since Cuban Missile Crisis. By Richard Solash.

Cuban Missile Crisis: World War III Narrowly Averted
The Cuban Missile Crisis took the world to the brink of nuclear war in an intense diplomatic struggle during a couple of weeks in October 1962.

The Cuban missile crisis almost ended the world. Was it ...
The Washington Post
Nov 22, 2013 - Four ways to think about the crisis that almost sparked World War III. ... and President John F. Kennedy confer during the Cuban missile crisis of ...

If the Cuban Missile Crisis Caused World War III Part 1 ...
May 19, 2012 - Uploaded by Daniel Pearson
This is a simulation of what would happen if the Cuban MisisleCrisis caused America to declare war on USSR ...

Cuban Missile Crisis - United States History
The role of Cuban Missile Crisis in the history of the United States of America.

Great Ocean Road in Australia

We drove the Great Ocean Road for a time.  Then I pulled a U Turn, and lined up on the proper side of the road - the American side - despite the fact that I had been driving in Australia for over a week. A senior moment before I was a senior.

I saw this strange guy coming at me and frantically blinking his lights. My light went on and I pulled back into the proper lane for Australians.

The other driver was not angry - apparently used to daft American or Canadian drivers on the wrong side of the road. We exchanged cheery waves and went on.

Independent - Republican - Democrat

PRINCETON, N.J. -- An average 43% of Americans identified politically as independents in 2014, establishing a new high in Gallup telephone poll trends back to 1988. In terms of national identification with the two major parties, Democrats continued to hold a modest edge over Republicans, 30% to 26%.

More and more of us are independent.  But an independent has little chance of getting elected, so we rely on the two major parties to choose two candidates from which to choose.

It is not looking so good this year.  Is Trump and Clinton the best the parties can offer? Is this the best we can do?

Nördlingen, Germany

The town of Nordlingen in Bavaria, Germany, is unlike any other town on the whole planet. This pretty medieval town is located inside a massive meteorite crater 25 km across. This crater was formed some 14.5 million years ago when a meteor about a mile across slammed into Earth. 

Side Slope of the Crater

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    Nördlingen - Wikipedia, the free encyclopediaördlingen

    Nördlingen is a town in the Donau-Ries district, in Bavaria, Germany, with a ... The Ries crater museum is located in the well-preserved medieval tanner's quarter ...

    Nördlinger Ries - Wikipedia, the free encyclopediaördlinger_Ries

    The word "Ries" is not a German word; it is believed that the term is derived from Raetia ... The depression is interpreted as a meteor impact crater formed about 14.3 ... in the locally derived suevite building stone of the Nördlingen town church.

    Nordlingen - The town inside a meteorite crater | Amusing ...

    Aug 12, 2008 - The town of Nordlingen in the Donau-Ries district of Bavaria, Germany, is unlike any other town in the district. In fact, it's unlike any other town ...

    Nördlingen - Romantic Road Germany

    Information about the history of Nördlingen from Romantic Road Germany. ... TheTown Museum is located to the north of the town near the Ries Crater Museum ...

    Germany Bavaria Cities Noerdlingen Romantic road

    The top of the "Daniel" is just perfect for enjoying panoramic views of the medievaltown and the Ries crater that was created some 15 million years ago by a ...

    Beautiful Bavarian Town of Nordlingen Built in a Meteorite ...

    May 24, 2010 - Tags | bavarian, beautiful town, bizarre, bizarre places, germany, nordligen, ... I like much the idea about building the town in meteor crater, it is ...

    Meet Nördlingen, The Little Town In A Crater - Huffington Post

    The Huffington Post
    Nov 5, 2014 - Well this place is a hole bunch of fun. The town of Nördlingen -- a stop onGermany's Romantic Road -- sits entirely within a crater, made when ...

    Top Nördlingen, Germany Things to Do on VirtualTourist › ... › Bavaria › Nördlingen

    The Town Hall is the oldest stone-built house in the town, dating back to the 13th ... It has visual display of the 15 mile circular crater that created the region ...

    Houses built from diamonds and impact breccia - Sandatlas

    Nördlingen is a small town in Bavaria with a population of 19,000. ... impact structure in Southern Germany called the Nördlinger-Ries or just the Ries Crater.