Federal Government Guarantee 

Municipal Bonds For Infrastructure Stimulus

This is the year for municipalities, school districts, and other governments to build major capital projects. We need the economic stimulus and jobs. Contractor prices and interest rates will be low. A great way to stimulate our economy.

We propose that the Federal Government guarantee municipal bonds in 2009 to get the market moving again. The plan is to encourage local governments to borrow money to improve needed roads, sewer & water, curbs and sidewalks, schools, and other important infrastructure. Put America back to work. Build America now.
The goal is to help communities stay vital and not slip into an irreversable decline. Schools and community infrastructure are critical to supporting home values and stemming the declines we have seen in recent years.

Most local governments have a backlog of needed public infrastructure improvements. With support and encouragement from the Federal government, we could have major local programs underway soon.

This should be a very simple and low cost way to stimulate substantial public works expenditures this year.

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