Search for an Existing Food Production Facility

A consultant is conducting a search for an existing food production facility and has requested our assistance.  Illinois and several other states have been contacted.  Estimated employment at full production is 40-50 workers (start-up 10-15) and planned investment is $2-$5 million.  The client very much prefers a former food production facility that offers approximately 100,000 square feet of space.  Ideally they would like to know that it was previously FDA approved.  The company produces confectionary products.  Of secondary importance is a location that could offer incentives that would significantly lower their costs.  As such, they are willing to consider build-to-suit opportunities, if potential incentives are particularly attractive.

Here is summary of the project requirements:

·         Former food production facility - facility would include: floor drains, sloped flooring and wash down walls

·         Facility space specifications:

o   Total - 100,000 sq. ft.

o   Warehouse - 50,000 sq. ft.

o   Production - 30,000 sq. ft.

o   Refrigeration - 3,000 sq. ft. (the consultant expects a food facility could be modified to meet this requirement)

o   Clear ceiling height - 15'

·         2 dock level truck doors

·         Willing to lease or purchase and leasing space in a multi-tenant facility is acceptable

·         3 acres are needed

·         No utility requirements provided at this time


The consultant estimated a couple of months to select a site and 8-10 months to install the equipment in the new facility.  If they find a very attractive build-to-suit opportunity, the company is willing to allow the necessary time to construct the facility.


For communities that would like to respond to this site search request, please e-mail facility or site information to by noon, Monday, August 31, 2009.  In addition, information on any potential incentives should be included as well.  Besides the types of incentives that are commonly available, the consultant feels a location in a foreign trade zone could be advantageous.


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