Decision to Retire - Craig Hullinger AICP

I have thoroughly enjoyed working for the City of Peoria, and believe that we have collectively accomplished a lot of good over the past four plus years. I believe that I have successfully met my goal of "Leaving my City a better place than I found it." Peoria is an outstanding community, and we made it even better over the past few years. Mayor Ardis, the City Council, and City Manager Holling were great to work for, and led many successful efforts to improve the city. And I am confident that it will keep getting better under the leadership of new City Manager Scott Moore.

The Mayor's latest budget message of September 15, 2009 makes it clear that the City must make further substantial budget cuts. The City needs to cut expenses and senior staff. I will be 62 this year. I retired from the Marine Corps last year as a Colonel. It makes sense for both the City and me to retire. I will remain in Peoria (and Sarasota in the winter), and start a small part time economic development and planning consulting firm, continuing to help communities revitalize their older neighborhoods. And I will keep working to help improve the City and region.

The following are some of the things I am proud to have helped move along.



· Developed the Southern Gateway Plan

· Prepared the River Trail Drive Redevelopment Plan

· Created the Green Edge Plan

· Adopted the Eagle View and Warehouse TIF

· Fifteen TIF developments approved, about fifteen in process

· Planned and prepared site for BUILD THE BLOCK!!!

· Continued commercial expansion on War Memorial

· Facilitated Prospect and Sheridan Road Revitalization Plan

· Implemented eleven fa├žade improvement requests

· Developed the Hospitality Improvement Zone TIF and BDD

· Seven Enterprise Zone expansions and 251 improved buildings

· Persuaded all HOP governments to join the Enterprise Zone

· Updated Economic Development Strategy

· Assisted the start up and expansion of numerous businesses

· Worked to retain existing business

· Low interest loans of $880,000 creating and/or retaining 467 jobs

· Developed the Innovation Center to incubate high tech business

· Continued implementation of the Heart of Peoria Plan

· Continued marketing campaign for Renaissance Park

· Developed the Sustainable Technology Park

· Helped create the City Sustainable Development effort
. Partnered with Peoria’s medical community to develop the:

------- Illinois Medical Center Clinic
------- Long Term Acute Care Hospital
------- OSF Children’s Hospital
------- Methodist Hospital Expansion
------- Illinois Eye Care
------- Heart Care Midwest
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