Google Plays lay in Peoria

Did you hear the buzz about Google's new initiative to bring 1 Gigabit (Gb) internet service directly to homes and business?  To give you a sense of how fast 1Gb of speed is, think of the last song you downloaded off iTunes.  Did it take you a minute to download? Two minutes?  Well, with 1Gb of speed, you could download 250 songs in 1 second.  That may never be a practical use, or even necessary, but just think about what sort of upgrade that would be.  Even better, this amount of available speed will inspire people to invent applications and uses that aren't even being dreamed about right now.
Why should you care?  Google is seeking a test market, and Peoria wants to be IT!  Whichever city Google selects will suddenly be the hottest real estate market in America.  Jobs will follow.  This is an exciting and important opportunity.
Today is Google Day in Peoria, and we are asking EVERYONE to help show Google that their service will Play in Peoria.  While a small number of us will be working on submitting the application, the rest of the community has a role to play, too.  Here is how you can help:  Go to and press the big button that says Nominate Peoria NOW!  You need to log in with your Google account, or create a free one if you don't already have one.  Then just fill out their simple form.  Make sure you put "Peoria" in as the City, even if you live somewhere outside our boundaries (we need to be able to tie the nominations to our application).
Second, tell all your friends to do the same thing.  Forward this email to everyone in your address book.  And check back to to learn more about upcoming events.  Nominations are being accepted through March 26.
Thanks for helping us bring Google to Peoria.
Christopher Setti
Special Projects Manager
City of Peoria
419 Fulton, Suite 207
Peoria, IL 61606
w: (309) 494-8618
c: (309) 472-6291