Congratulations to East Peoria on Bass Pro Shops

Congratulations to East Peoria on getting Bass Pro Shops into our community. They are a great destination retail outlet, and will bring people and dollar into our community. This will create more jobs and also attract other retail.

There has been some criticism that the City of Peoria did not get this retail giant. But they required 20 acres near the River near the Interstate. That is the equivalent of 7 square blocks in Peoria and there was no way that that much real estate could be acquired in time.

The truth is that "downtown Peoria" is on both sides of the Illinois River near I-74.  Much of the new retail development is on the east side of the River since there was available land.  But any development in our core downtown on either side of the River makes our entire downtown more attractive and functional.

It takes one minute to drive from one side of the River to the other. Quality development on either side of the River is a good thing for our region.