Switzerland Moves away From Nuclear Power

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Switzerland currently has five functioning nuclear reactors that provide some 40 percent of the nation’s energy — they will remain open until 2034, when the life span of the last reactor expires. The decision to move away from nuclear energy isn’t just about the safety concerns — it’s also about moving forward with more sustainable energy options. It is expected that nuclear energy will lose its competitive edge as renewable technologies such as solar and wind become more mainstream and efficiencies improve, and this decision will allow Switzerland to act more aggressively to improve and expand its renewable energy programs.

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I think this is a mistake. We all love green power from wind and solar and water energy, but it will be very difficult and expensive to get enough power from these sources. Nuclear Power is safe and not nearly as tough on the environment as burning fossil fuels.

A rich small country like Switzerland may be able to generate enough power from green sources, but what about the 7 billion people on the planet, many in small countries?