Median Household Income

The United States is still near the top of median household income, according to Wikapedia.

Median household income for selected countries is shown in the table below. The data for each country has been converted to U.S. dollars using purchasing power parity (PPP) (obtained from the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development).[4]

Annual median equivalised disposable household income

This is what a each equivalent adult in a household in the middle of the income distribution earns in a year.
Data are in United States dollars at current prices and current PPPs for the reference year.

1 Luxembourg34,407
2 United States31,111
3 Norway31,011
4 Iceland28,166
5 Australia26,915
6 Switzerland26,844
7 Canada25,363
8 United Kingdom25,168
9 Ireland24,677
10 Austria24,114
11 Netherlands24,024
12 Sweden22,889
13 Denmark22,461
14 Belgium21,532
15 Germany21,241
16 Finland20,875
17 New Zealand20,679
18 France19,615
19 Japan19,432
20 South Korea19,179
21 Slovenia18,860
22 Spain18,391
23 Italy16,866
24 Greece15,758
25 Israel14,055
26 Czech Republic12,596
27 Portugal12,515
28 Estonia9,836
29 Poland9,113
30 Slovak Republic9,071
31 Hungary8,531
32 Chile7,851
33 Turkey5,940
34 Mexico4,689