Enterpreneurship in Govmint

There is an email story going around about a Bristol Zoo parking attendant who lined his own pockets with customers' cash for years before going missing with the loot has set cyberspace alight.

The story in the email being circulated states the car park at Bristol Zoo has been manned by a single attendant for the past 25 years, who had taken advantage of a mix-up between the zoo and Bristol City Council over who was responsible for the operation to collect drivers' money for himself before retiring on the proceeds. The story states that the Entrepreneur crook made off with a small fortune because of the ineptitude of local government.

Currently, a British Pound is worth $1.57 US Dollars

7 Million Pounds = almost $11 million US

Nice little retirement plan

It is good to see initiative in local government


This is a cute story, but it urban legend.