Readings in Urban Planning and Design

Pete Pointner has revised his "Readings in Urban Planning and Design".  Very interesting.

Readings in Urban Planning and Design

This manuscript expands upon, and compliments, chapters in the book “Planning Connections – Human, Natural and Man Made.” It includes 37 papers by the author with 136 color and many black and white images.

Both the book, and this compendium of papers, are intended to furnish useful information on the planning process and fundamental principles of environmentally based planning and context sensitive urban design. These are drawn from the author’s more than 50 years of professional practice and their lasting practicality is reflected in the 19 case studies of approved and built projects described in the book on which the author has carried out key managerial and technical roles. 

This compendium is available free - click the link below to view and download the papers.

This compendium completes the proposed study plan for a college level course in urban planning and design as described on the author’s blog site: 

For more information on the author click: