Pullman Historic Site National Park Service Study Act

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Subject:  Historic Pullman Neighborhood in Chicago

Hi Craig, 

We lived in Pullman for 5 years and owned an historic building there until a few years ago.  Our friends Mike and Pat Shymanski have lived there since we moved in in 1967 and their children and grandchildren are now Pullman residents.  All are committed and hard working community activists who have helped Pullman continue to improve as a neighborhood community and, an historic landmark.  Last week there was a USA Today article on Pullman.  

The Shymanski's asked us to send a message of support via popvox (message and link below).  You can see what I said...the service will send my message to each of our political representatives in Washington.  I invite you to send an email in support!  Attached are an article I had published in STaR newsletter (a division of the American Planning Association) and my 3 minute speech when I participated in the presentation of the APA's award last October, recognizing Pullman as one of America's Great Neighborhoods.

Pete Pointner

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Patricia Shymanski

The Pullman Historic Site National Park Service Study Act authorizes the Secretary of the Interior to conduct a special resource study of the Pullman Historic Site in Chicago, Illinois.
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H.R. 3894: Pullman Historic Site National Park Service Study Act - POPVOX.com
Weigh in and send your message to Congress about H.R. 3894: Pullman Historic Site National Park Service Study Act


I support H.R. 3894: Pullman Historic Site National Park Service Study Act because..Pullman teaches so many lessons about the 19th century industrial revolution, the labor movement, the impact of architecture and urban design, "smart growth" principles applicable to urban development today and the future, and the potential for linking historic preservation and neighborhood revitalization. See "Pullman, A New Town Takes Shape on the Illinois Prairie", National Trust magazine 1970, Volume 22 and, "Historic Pullman and Smart Growth" October 2011 newsletter of the STaR division of the American Planning Commission.


Pullman is a very nice historic community in the south side of Chicago. 

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