Planning Commissioners Journal

The Planning Commissioners Journal recently converted to an all web operation.  Take a look below:

Sizing Up Our Downtowns -- six articles (16 pages) from the Planning Commissioners Journal that can help you better evaluate the strengths and weaknesses of your downtown -- available only as a .pdf download. To order & immediately download.
Sizing Up Our Downtowns CoverSizing Up Our Downtowns
  • Why Downtowns (Should) Matter to Planning Commissions

  • Sizing Up Downtown

  • Downtown Hurdles

  • "We Don't Have Enough Parking"

  • Downtowns Grow One Step at a Time

  • No Such Thing as Free Parking

  • To order & immediately download Sizing Up Our Downtowns for just $10.75. Substantial savings compared to ordering the articles individually.
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