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Visualizing the Global City

Image via Per Square Mile
The world is changing. Our populations are growing, people are moving around, and we're experiencing many different conversations about the ways in which they should change. Our most recent blog post provides three different examples for visualizing data and the ways our planet is evolving.

"Visualizing the Global City - 3 infographics illustrating our changing planet."
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Nine City-Building Projects to Watch for in 2013

Image via Urban Times

This article featured in Urban Times covers nine projects across the globe scheduled for development in the coming year, including both new development in up-and-coming countries as well as the redevelopment of some already well-established and prominent ones.

"2013 will see many city-building mega projects redefining how we shape the places we live in." 
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Imagining the World’s most Iconic Buildings all in one skyline

Image via The Atlantic Cities

Artist Mark Lascelles Thornton has dreamed up a city skyline that happens to incorporate some of the most well-known and iconic skylines from around the world- both new and old. Buildings come from eight major world cities: New York, Chicago, London, Shanghai, and Taipei. Take a look at the Atlantic Cities' coverage on the piece, and see if you can place them all!

"Architect imagines and illustrates a world with all of the world's skyscrapers in one skyline." 
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Great Ideas From Around the World

There are so many great initiatives, projects, and approaches to be found in cities all throughout our planet. We found a few to share with you, and would love for you to share some with us as well! Follow our Twitter page and tweet us your favorite example with the hashtag #CityIdeas or like us and share your idea on our Facebook Page by Sunday, January 13 at 5:00pm-- and we'll pick one entry at random to win a free printed copy of our City Vitals Report. We'll also publish everyone's ideas on our blog after the contest closes.
Here are some examples to get you inspired:

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