Goofy Tucker

"American television host Tucker Carlson blamed the US administration for trying to sabotage the pipelines, an act of environmental terrorism. He alleged that by blowing up the Nord Stream pipelines, the US is directly at war with a country with the world’s largest nuclear power plant. He further warned that there might be a counterattack by Russia."


What a Clown!  And we all know people who actually believe his malarkey.

Think about this for a minute.  For the USA to sabotage an underwater pipeline would require a nuclear submarine. The crew would know what is going on. Some of them would talk.

Should you not have a little proof before you make wild accusations?  Apparently not this guy.


Russia, of course, loves this:


Some people think Tucker is paid by the Rooskies. I don't think so - he is much more likely to be what the Russians call a "Useful Idiot", which is someone who believes their propoganda and promotes it.