The Peaceful 21st Century

 Peter Singer in his The Expanding Circle explains that the sense of empathy and understanding of interdependence elevated in recent decades which eventually drastically lowered the violence and vicious nature of human beings. For example, quoting from the very near history of humankind the number of deaths due to violence In World War II was 300 per 100,000 which was reduced in the Korean War(1950-1953) to 30 per 100,000 which further declined in Vietnam War(1955-1975) to 10 per 100,0000 deaths.

In the 21st Century, the Death rate due to violence is one per 100,000 deaths. The 21st Century is the most peaceful ever in human history. The prevalent standards of altruism and social empathy for people across borders display maturity in cognitive abilities. In this way, humans get better evolution of the computational mind. Humans have evolved the perception of violence and wars and in this way, they are getting better.

To put other yardsticks together, we are getting better in political systems, fundamental rights, and scientific governance day by day, regardless of inequalities. Inequality is not the measure to make social comparisons but the quality of life and collective growth of ideas.

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