Does anyone know if there is any truth to this????

A friend of mine sent me this;

Does anyone know if there is any truth to this????

----------Forwarded Message----------

Subject: Biden Drops EO #14067 - US Dollar REPLACED!


I told my friend there is no truth to this. That this is a typical effort to sell Gold. It is very effective. It invokes a lot of political paranoia, quotes a well known commentator, tells you it is a government plot to take over, and tries to scare the reader into buying gold from them. These kind of advertisements are aimed at both the left and right and they must be effective - they keep running the advertisements.

Here is what the order actually does. Nothing about seizing bank accounts or doing away with the dollar.


There is a time when an older person knows he is losing it - I am there now.  Eventually the person does not know he is losing it, and ends up losing his life savings to a terrible investment or a scam. Hope none of us get there.

What to do about it? If you are starting to believe these fantasies, DON'T. The USA is a great place and we are doing quite well. Our government is for the most part honest and honorable and not trying to screw you. We are not perfect, but we are pretty good.

If you do start to believe these type of things you should probably work with a trusted child or friend and your financial advisor to make sure your investments are in conservative safe investments, and make sure you don't take all your money and invest in something that you heard about on the internet because they said the sky was falling. 

And make sure your investments are with a large and well respected financial institution - not some guy who sent you a frightening email. And not Joe you met in the bar. 

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