Car Wreck

Just came from a wreck.  The small black car never stopped. It ran through a busy four lane road, jumped the curb, bashed down a small tree, and came to rest by running into a fence.

I was the first guy to get to him. He was incoherent, but breathing, although struggling a little. The poor hispanic guy was about 45 years old. I think he passed out, perhaps a stroke or seizure.  The car was up against the fence. I opened the car and with two other guys pushed it away so the paramedics could get at him.  

We made sure his airway stayed clear.  I have pretty good but rusty first aid skills from the Boy Scouts, Marines, and from driving an ambulance in my college days. But we left him in the seat - he was breathing ok, and I thought it best to get the paramedics before taking him out of the seat.

It always seems to take a long time to get the ambulance. The fire truck came first, and the ambulance later. 

Fortunately there was not much to do other then comfort him until the ambulance came.  Wishing him good luck, he is in my prayers.