Chief Strategist

Chief Strategist for a City. Sounds like a great job. I think that is what I want to be when I grow up.

Chief Strategist
City of San Jose

Kim Walesh oversees strategic planning, partnerships, and innovations for the City of San Jose—the Capital of Silicon Valley and nation’s 10th largest city.

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Malcolm Frank, chief strategist, Cognizant on what the future of work will look like

'The future of work is no longer in the future' says a video on the Cognizant website. Even as the world comes to terms with a reset economy, it's apparent that the same rules no longer apply. Malcolm Frank, chief strategist, Cognizant says that the world as we know it is rapidly changing, in part because of a series of events over the last few years. "As we started talking to clients during the recession to understand the situation better, we realised that this was not a cyclical shift but a secular one," he explains.