Smart Growth in Atlanta

The Country's Most Ambitious Smart Growth Project

Atlanta's BeltLine development could become a model for sustainable communities worldwide. But will it become a reality?


"I once called the Atlanta BeltLine "the country's best smart growth project." I still haven't seen one that is better in concept."
5968540199_31d2e61c0e.jpg"To briefly review the basics, the city is seeking to invest some $2.8 billion in a new, 22-mile public transit, trails, and parks loop around the heart of the city of Atlanta on the site of an abandoned rail and industrial corridor. Because the BeltLine passes through some of the inner city's most distressed neighborhoods, the intent is for this major public investment to leverage substantial private investment in revitalization, particularly workforce housing. The transit is to be either light rail or streetcars, connecting in several places along the loop to the MARTA regional rail 
transit system."