Comparison - Russia to NATO


Total military personnel5,405,7001,350,000
Active soldiers3,366,000850,000
Reserve forces1,301,000250,000
Paramilitary units738,700250,000
Air Force--
Total aircraft20,7234,173
Fighters / interceptors3,527772
Ground attack aircraft1,048739
Transport aircraft1,543445
Special aircraft (e.g reconnaissance)1,014132
Tanker aircraft67820
Total helicopters8,4851,543

Combat helicopters1,359544
Ground combat vehicles--
Main battle tanks14,68212,420
Armored vehicles115,85530,122
Self-propelled artillery5,0406,574
Tower artillery5,4957,571
Self-propelled rocket launchers2,8033,391
Naval forces--
Total military ships2,049605
Aircraft carriers171

NATO collectively is much stronger than Russia.  And given the pathetic performance of the Russian military in Ukraine, it is clear that NATO can bet them in a conventional war.

Of course, it would be very hard to keep a war between Russia and NATO non nuclear - thus NATO's care to not get into a shooting war with Russia over Ukraine.