Illegal Immigration

Subject: McCaughey: Pols Hide Behind Charities To Facilitate Illegal Immigration


As an independent who is outraged at almost everything the Democratic leadership and administration are doing, I would like to know what you think about this article.




Illegal immigration is difficult to stop. Our country is very successful and people are dying to get here. If I was a young man living in a very poor dysfunctional country I would try to get here.

This is a wedge political issue. People who raise it paint the USA as under siege from an army of criminal illegal immigrants. Ms. Mccaughey throws out all kinds of things and blames lots of actors including Catholic Charities and FEMA. I have no idea how accurate her charges are. Very hard to factcheck. She offers no solutions.

President Trump's plan was to build a great wall. Very little of it was built during his administration which is surprising as he had the Congress for his first two years.

J, you and I were involved with a major effort as Marines to keep out illegal immigration - from North Vietnam to South Vietnam. Despite having 500,000 Americans and a large South Vietnamese Army and a willingness to kill the illegal immigrants, we could not stop them. We will never devote those resource to fight illegal immigration, and most Americans do not want to kill them.

One always should look at the science of the issue. I looked up several sources on illegal immigration. The source below argues that illegal immigration has slowed.

The graph below illustrates apprehensions at our southwest border. The rate does  not seem to correlate with Democratic or Republican control of the Federal Government. You certainly would not get that impression from the fevered political rhetoric.

Click to read the article below which presents an interesting assessment.


In my own experience I see that most of the folks doing our hard and difficult jobs are immigrants. They work very hard for not much money and most of them don't speak English. Likely many of them are illegal.

In a community where I used to live my neighbor wandered over with a rifle, pointing at the people cutting the grass across the street. "The illegals are taking all of our jobs!" he shouted.  I was able to get him to put his rifle away and not shoot any of these hard working people.

Much of the construction work around the country is done by immigrants and many of them are likely illegal. They seem to be hard working people doing difficult jobs.

The US gets an enormous number of nobel prizes and we are a world leader in technology. Take a look at the names - many of them are immigrants from around the world who have enriched our nation with their creative brilliance. We are a nation of immigrants which contributes greatly to our success.

I always take the time to talk to my cab or limo or Uber driver. They come from around the world. My last drivers were from Ethiopia, Afghanistan, Pakistan, and Eritrea. I love talking to them. They have fantastic stories on the efforts they made to get here. And generally they are hard workers who are trying to get ahead.

Of course a cautionary tale about illegal immigrants can be found among our Native Americans. They permitted immigration of our European and African ancestors. There went their country.  

Now it would be better if all of our immigrants were legal.  But it is very difficult to stop.  And despite all the rhetoric, it does not seem to be controlled very well by either political party.


Many thanks for your thoughts. I pretty much agree with everything you said except I have the feeling you don’t think the present state of illegal immigration is as important as I do. 

As I have told you, I spend a lot of time watching all the networks’ news programs. There is a huge difference as to how the mainstream networks and Fox News report the border situation. The mainstream media just glosses over it and may interview only people who are political appointees. Fox News is constantly interviewing people actually involved from local sheriffs, local residents, immigration officials, to congressmen and governors of Border States. 

I know the Left is constantly trying to brainwash the public into believing that Fox News is a fake news organization, but in my view they are the only network who really cares about reporting the truth. Their point of view is that the present open border as a result of Biden’s policies is a huge disaster for the country for many reasons such as the huge cost to American taxpayers, the drug smuggling and resulting deaths of Americans, and the national security risk of terrorist influx. 

I have seen many estimates about the financial costs of the millions of illegal immigrants and it is staggering, particularly at a time we need to be spending money on our military to thwart us getting forced into a third world war. I do not accept the excuse that this country was built by immigrants as a justification for what is going on. This country was built by legal immigrants who wanted to be Americans, nothing like what is going on today.

I believe the biggest problem our country has is the Left leaning bias of the main stream media. It has created the George Soros and Clinton inspired cool aid that has duped so many Americans. I have always wondered how the Left got so much control over the media, but I think I have the answer about how it was done. I will send it separately.


Thanks for your thoughts.  Most of the media has their bias - it is hard not to bring bias into the news.  Fox is on the right, MSNBC on the left, and CNN, BBC, and NPR are center left, in my opinion. They naturally cover the issues their favored politicians discuss. Nothing surprising about that. And you are right that you need to look at all viewpoints.  And I would also note that the news is basically soundbights.  To understand any issue you have to study beyond the news soundbights.

And then also, we have had a great blurring of news and opinion.  It is hard to tell where the newsman stops and the opinion guy begins.

And then one also has to remember that both politicians and opinion guys are happiest when they can hammar home their arguments. Gloss over the facts and get your supporters/viewers wound up and pissed off at the other side.

Unfortunate. And one of the reasons our country is so divided.