Citizen Participation Is Vital - Tell Us What You Think

Citizen participation is vital for a properly functioning democracy.  Our citizens deserve to be heard. Our society works bet when people believe that their government is paying attention to what they think

To that end we are trying an experiment. Technology now lets us collectively write documents. 

Leave your your thoughts on the "YOUR THOUGHTS" box on the left, and help write the "WORLD SUSTAINABLE ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT PLAN", also in the column on the right. Just click on the document and contribute.

This may now work. There may be too many spammers and angry clowns for this to function. And a document might end up looking like a camel, when the committee started to design a horse. 

But it is worth a try.  And it would be interesting to try to write the working drafts of a Comprehensive Plan in this way.

Lets give it a try.



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